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The Clear Advantage

Clearwater Utilities is a member of the Clear Companies family, which includes Clear Energy, Clear Pave, C4 Partners and Clarion Electrical. These partnerships, in addition to our ownership of our own construction assets (equipment, vehicles, haul trucks, etc.), enable an enhanced response to unexpected obstacles in large-scale construction projects. No need to call around for other contractors or experts in paving, wastewater treatment plants, liftstations, commercial electrical and/or energy services. We have a Clear advantage.

A Foundation Built on Experience and Dedication to Service

Established in 1996, Clearwater Utilities provides services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential clients in the Houston area and all across Southeast Texas.

With our expertise, project management, personnel, and fleet of heavy construction equipment, Clearwater Utilities focuses exclusively on underground utilities and site work, including water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and site preparation. We provide grading, clearing, placement and compaction of rock, sand, dirt, trees, asphalt, and concrete, as well as demolition and removal of debris from building sites.

Clearwater is an undisputed leader in the underground utility and site construction realm, providing our clients with quality work by skilled professionals. Safety, quality, and production are at the forefront of all projects.

Meet the Management Team

Dustin Berry
Chief Executive Officer
Danny Marcheli
Executive Officer
Alan Wright
Chief Operations Officer
Cale Kobza
Chief Financial Officer

Safety and Security
are our number one priority

At Clearwater, we believe there is no greater importance than the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public affected by our activities. Company management is fully committed to ensuring our employees are provided with the proper training and equipment to perform their work safely. 

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